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About Train It New Mexico

We have 25 years of training and staff development and believe that the best way to get ahead is through quality training throughout Southern New Mexico

Also serving Albuquerque and Farmington areas.


With class benchmarks to obtain the most quality and personalized training to offer in many areas of expertise.

Training For Success

We offer several classes with often customized training needs met.

We have flexible hours from nights, weekends, weekdays.

We work with government entities with D&B, Cage, EIN, Suppler Numbers.

Onsite training available state wide.



All class are customizable and can be onsite or local in Roswell. Give us a call and lets see what we can do for you!

Corporate and Company Pricing Available


CDL Training

Herbicide License

OSHA Training

D.O.T. Compliance


OSHA Training
Mechanical Train

Truck & Car Awareness

Snow and Ice Control

Aerial & Fall Protection

Arial lift Info

Backhoe Safety Operation

Want a Commercial Driver’s License – here is the process. 

For New Mexico residents you will need to go to the Motor Vehicle Dept. and take with you,

1.       Your current Driver’s License

2.       Social Security Card

3.       Birth Certificate

4.       Two bills that have the same address as your current Driver’s License


Register for and take four tests for your Commercial Learner’s Permit.  You can take the tests two times a week for a year - 104 tries.  After passing the exams at the computer desks, do not leave with the results. Take the results to a NM Motor Vehicle Department Clerk to be registered for a Commercial Learner’s Permit.

1.       General Knowledge

2.       Combination Vehicles

3.       Air Brakes

4.       Tanker (optional, however, this endorsement will provide greater                       employment opportunities)


 Obtain a medical card from an approved DOT medical doctor.

 Show the medical card to the clerk at the NM Motor Vehicle Department and they will attach it to  your Driver’s License file and issue your Commercial Learner’s Permit


Once you obtain your Commercial Learner’s Permit, contact us at to set up your training course.  You will be sent the following four forms to complete:

1.       Insurance Release

2.       ENMU-Roswell testing site checklist

3.       Registration Form

4.       Invoice for training


Complete the forms and return to along with the $500.00 deposit to secure your training dates.  Payment of the remaining balance is due in full three days before training begins. 


Attend the course you have selected to gain experience in the three parts of the CDL exam - pre-trip inspection, backing skills, and forward driving skills.  Upon completion, you will receive an assessment of your skills according to AAMVA and FMCSA standards along with a Certificate of Completion.




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